Mistress of Delusion (desahra) wrote,
Mistress of Delusion

Executing "The Plan (R)" [Step 2]

Aside from [Step 1] making a degree plan and [Step 1.5] meeting with my advisor to make sure my calculations are correct (she said they aren't, and I don't believe her, but the latest I'll finish my coursework is next summer), I have had a mental pin in the need to definitively find graduate schools to apply to for my Master's degree (although there's a program that's tempting me to bypass the M.A./M.S. in favor of going straight to a Ph.D. in Statistics). A compiled list of all the viable schools with a Master's program in Experimental Psychology is here.
Anyone have any input about these schools? Any schools I should avoid or give special weight to?

[Step 3 is taking the GRE this summer. Any input there is also appreciated!]
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