Feed and Caring for the Currently Depressed: A Guide for the Caring Friend-

To be perfectly honest, the last thing a person who's really depressed right now wants or needs is to be around people who are freaking out. That's why it's often easier to keep it to ourselves.

A better approach: Offer your support, your love, your hugs and your ear, calmly and non-forcefully. Even if you're rebuffed, the fact that you made the effort matters and can help.

[This post brought to you by my frustration with people at school.]

Must Remember...

Success is not a dichotomy.
I am human and sometimes my 100% will only net me an 80%.
I don't have to be the best at everything, even in academia.
I do not have someone else's real or imagined (by me) expectation that I am perfect that I must live up to.

Repeat until I fucking understand this.

Executing "The Plan (R)" [Step 2]

Aside from [Step 1] making a degree plan and [Step 1.5] meeting with my advisor to make sure my calculations are correct (she said they aren't, and I don't believe her, but the latest I'll finish my coursework is next summer), I have had a mental pin in the need to definitively find graduate schools to apply to for my Master's degree (although there's a program that's tempting me to bypass the M.A./M.S. in favor of going straight to a Ph.D. in Statistics). A compiled list of all the viable schools with a Master's program in Experimental Psychology is here.
Anyone have any input about these schools? Any schools I should avoid or give special weight to?

[Step 3 is taking the GRE this summer. Any input there is also appreciated!]


If I take a full course-load this summer (with Motivation and Emotion)...
And Sensation, Perception and Action; Biological Psych; and Experimental Psych this fall...
And Abnormal Psych; Theories of Learning and Cognition; and History and Systems in Psych next spring...

I'll be all set to Graduate in 2013!

(Now just to make up my mind Re: Graduate School.)

Goals of (Personal) Behavioral Science

For the first few weeks of Advanced Stats for Psychology we're reviewing stuff that we (should've) covered in Intro Stats. One point today was the "Goals of Behavioral Science":
  1. Explain behavior
  2. Predict behavior
  3. Control behavior

Makes sense.

Something that occurred to me (thus why I'm sharing it here) is that these are also the goals of individual growth, examination and mental/emotional healing.
  1. Why do I have (X) problem? Where do my old tapes come from?
  2. When is (X) a problem? Can these situations be avoided, or should they be confronted?
  3. How can I fix (X) so it's never a problem again?

What are your thoughts?

Any Update is a Good Update?

My last update was September 30th.
So instead of how I am or a perusement of my thoughts, here's my schedule for next semester!

9-9:50a- Advanced Statistics
11-11:50a- Writing for Psychology
12-12:50a- Juvenile Delinquency

9:30-10:45a- Ethical Theory

(Subject to change, especially seeing as how I want TA for Stats.)